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Welcome to Healthy Life Studio

Our mission at Healthy Life Studio is to cultivate a community where Casper-area residents can explore yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other bodyworks. Each of our instructors is certified in her respective field and enjoys offering new and effective experiences for people seeking mind-body health and personal development.
At every class, students of all levels can practice comfortably in our open, welcoming, and nurturing atmosphere. Personal growth and transformation of body, mind, and spirit are celebrated. At Healthy Life Studio, we hope to fuel the spirit of loving-kindness and compassion, and ultimately help our collective move towards peace, happiness, grace, and health.
If you are interested in attending a class, you can find all the information you need here. You may learn about or teachers, view the current schedule, and register and pay for classes by clicking on the page links. We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Namaste from your friends at Healthy Life Studio!

Our Location

Our studio is located in Sunrise Shopping Center, at 4200 S. Poplar.  We are in the South part of the mall, between Wyoming Music and Ragged Edge. Feel free to call us at (307)472-1962, or email us at 

In honor of National Yoga Month, we will offer free yoga classes every Saturday at 9:00am during the month of September.  Come give yoga a try for FREE!

Also Coming This September!

Body Love:  A 2 day program:  Join guest teacher Emily Brown as she helps us stop the cycle of fighting food and body.  You are worthy of feeling nourished, energized, and free.  It's time to reclaim your essence and beauty and realize that the world needs the true you.  Begin your journey to freedom.  We can stop the cycle and begin to create a healthy, natural relationship with food that frees up our time and energy to do what we love and be who we were meant to be.  Body Love empowers students with information and practices that pave the path towards peace. Body Love is an intensive program integrating empowering information on intuitive eating, psychology of eating, and mind-body integration to examine and shift your thoughts and beliefs about diet and body.  
This Program Includes:
Thorough presentations of each topic
Group coaching and discussions
Journaling prompts and exercises to help integrate each topic
Mind-body integration including yoga, meditation, and relaxation
E-mail support with additional resources and articles
WHEN:  Friday, September 12th, 4-9pm
              Saturday, September 13th, 10:30am-6:30pm
COST:   $129 with early bird discount. ($149 after August 4th)
Preregistration Required!
For more information and to register, click here

Casper Mountain Hiking and Yoga:  This workshop will take yoga outdoors and on the hiking trail to connect mind, body, and spirit in a natural setting to deepen the sensory experiences and open the spirit to change, acceptance, and contentment. Each workshop will combine a mindful hiking experience and outdoor class. Participants can expect to hike two to four miles and engage in an hour long yoga practice. Outdoor classes add a different dimension to one's practice and brings yoga down to its original link with nature. Yoga means 'union,' and when it's practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, mind, body and spirit can be more intensely felt. Outdoor exercise is scientifically proven to lead to increased mental benefits with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and decreased stress and depression, and also an improvement in spiritual, emotional and psychological well-being over studio yoga or indoor exercise.
   Participants are asked to be prepared for the elements, bringing water, wearing appropriate hiking apparel, and rain gear if necessary. If severe bad weather (lighting, hail) occurs, the workshop will be rescheduled. Yoga mats are not necessary.
WHEN:   Friday, September 19th, 8:00am-10:30am
               Sunday, September 21st, 3:30pm-6:00pm
COST:    $30
Preregistration Required!


This 60 minute multi-style practice is designed for women hoping to become pregnant, mamas who are pregnant, and those who are 4 or more weeks postpartum. Practices are suitable for any level.  Prenatal practice will help create space in your body and send it positive, nurturing messages. You'll also learn techniques for self-soothing and how yoga can help with the work of growing and birthing your baby.  Postpartum mamas can expect a gentle practice to help the body heal from the work of growing and birthing a child.  In addition to yoga, you'll also have a chance to build connections with other mamas.  This is a regular drop-in class.  No preregistration is required.
WHEN:   Every Thursday, from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, beginning September 4th.


Theresa Wiegand is now offering a free weekly yoga class for Veterans only! Come and join us!
WHEN:  Every Wednesday, from 4:00pm to 5:00pm
WHERE:  Healthy Life Studio, in Sunrise Shopping Center

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